Tips For Upholstered and Leather Furniture
• Remove spots and stains immediately. Upholstery is not nearly as stain resistant as carpet.
• Apply fabric protection for best stain resistance. Most upholstered fabrics and leather are NOT stain resistant and need protectant regularly applied.
• Don’t allow dyes (inks, paints, strong chemicals, etc.) to come in contact with upholstery.
• Clean light colored upholstery BEFORE it appears soiled or at least every other year. If you wait until it looks dirty, some damage may already be done.

Cleaning Codes for Upholstery
• W: Spot clean with water-based cleaner.
• S: Spot clean ONLY with dry cleaning solvent.
• WS: Spot clean with water-based or solvent cleaner.
• X: Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing.

The upholstery code should be located on a tag beneath the cushions. Use care with all upholstery, but especially with X and S codes.

Spot Removal Tips for Upholstery

First, pre-test in an inconspicuous area BEFORE attempting spot removal. Allow the pre-tested area to dry. If discoloration or shrinkage occurs, do not use the product.
For W and WS coded upholstery, use a Neutral PH water based cleaner such as our “Home Pro Spotter” on spots like food spills, drink spills, light grease, etc. For S, W, and WS coded upholstery, use a small amount of dry cleaning solvent (such as rubbing alcohol) applied to a cloth.
Upholstery Cleaning Steps
1. Pre-test an inconspicuous area.
2. Remove excess soil with wet vacuum.
3. Apply the spotter to a clean cloth.
4. Gently blot; don’t distort fibers.

FAST ACTION is most important. Do NOT allow spots to sit in your upholstery. If you can’t remove the spot, call us right away at 303-666-8888 or visit us at